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Analytics Strategy, Consulting and Training

Making Analytics a Corporate Competency

TP Crystal Ball Services Predictive Analytics Consulting and Training

According to a recent MIT Sloan research article, top performers are 2 to 1 more likely to be doing analytics across the organization then their lower performing peers. Analytics can bring many opportunities but also create many  new challenges for management, including: crafting business strategies that fully leverage analytics, embedding new practices into both people and processes, learning new techniques and technologies and ensuring results through great execution.

Technology Partnerz provides insight in both how to use and deploy analytics within the organization, in the areas of :

  • Risk Analysis : Project Risk Analysis and Quantification

  • Performance Management : How to implement the tools and strategies to manage and optimize the feedback and control loop

  • Change Management : Ensure that everybody is on board and using newly adopted analytics tools and best practices

  • Collaboration : Applying risk analysis to business networks, alliances and partnerships to mitigate operating risks relating to collaboration with outside entities


Consulting & Development


Our Certified consultants provide expertise through out the predictive analytics adoption cycle. From needs assessments and opportunity identification to post-implementation support, TP Crystal Ball Services provides a wide range of flexible consulting solutions... 




Learning predictive analytics (Monte-Carlo Simulation, Optimization, Time Series Forecasting...) has never been easier or more practical. Our on-site training solutions ensure rapid results and a quick payback on predicitive analytics 


Remote Support


Get the help you need, when you need it. Our consultants & trainers are available to provide on-demand modeling, EPM, predictive analytics and subject matter expertise for those tough projects .