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Analytics Strategy

Analytics StrategyWhether you are a seasoned with analytics or you heard about it on the golf course, you know the potential of better analytics on the bottom line.

The question becomes how to get it right the first time around and make sure everybody gets what they need to make analytics a success. Technology Partnerz is a seasoned consulting firm who has extensive experience in assisting organizations to develop, learn and maximize the benefit of new technologies and best practices.

Technology Partnerz provides strategy and guidance to executives and managers seeking results in their analytics strategy. Our approach revolves around both the effective use and adoption of risk and performance analytics technologies and best practices in the organization.  Where ever you are in your adoption cycle, we can help.
To learn more about our management consulting expertise in the area of analytics, please check out our various practice areas bleow or call us at 1-888-879-8440 to talk to one of our senior consultants.

Risk Analysis

Technology Partnerz is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 firms in the application and adoption of predictive analytics and decision analysis tools and best practices.

  • Decision / Business Analysis.
  • Project Risk Analysis (TCO, NPV, IRR...)
  • Specialized tools for simulation, forecasting and optimization
  • World Class forecasting using Vose ModelRisk


From dashboards and reporting to detailed business analysis of the factors driving your growth and performance, Technology Partnerz is there to assist you when you need it..

  • Develop comprehensive enterprise performance management strategies and organizational frameworks.
  • Benchmark performance
  • Map and optimize processes
  • Develop meaningful KPI's

Organizational Change Management

Regardless of the innovation, if people won't use it - it's a loss of time and resources. Given the mission critical role of organizational change within technology projects, tools and experience developped over many successful implementations are now available to you on-demand when you have to :

  • Plan prepare cradle to grave organizational changes
  • Document change initiatives
  • Train and develop people with new skills to support the change


Beyond good relationships, profitable and effective collaboration with suppliers requires sound predictive analytics capabilities - because you are only as strong as your weakest link. This is how we can help you gain a collaborative advantage

  • Supplier dashboards and scorecards
  • Partner portfolio optimization
  • Leverage business intelligence capabilities to select and manage partners
Risk Analysis
Organizational Change Management