Welcome to OptQuest, an optimization feature available in Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer.

OptQuest enhances Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer by automatically searching for and finding optimal solutions to simulation models. Simulation models by themselves can only give you a range of possible outcomes for any situation. They do not tell you how to control the situation to achieve the best outcome

Using advanced optimization techniques, OptQuest finds the right combination of variables to produce accurate results. Suppose you use simulation models to answer questions such as “What are likely sales for next month?” Now, you can find the price points that maximize monthly sales. Suppose you ask, “What will production rates be for this new oil field?” Now, you can also determine the number of wells to drill to maximize net present value. Suppose you wonder, “Which stock portfolio should I pick?” With OptQuest, you can choose the one that yields the greatest profit with limited risk.

Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer with OptQuest is easy to learn and easy to use. With its wizard-based design, you can start optimizing your own models in under an hour. All you need to know is how to use a Crystal Ball spreadsheet model. From there, this manual guides you step by step, explaining OptQuest terms, procedures, and results.