Established in 1999, Technology Partnerz is a management consulting and technology firm focused on the rapid adoption of predictive analytics tools, practices and results within the organization by providing strategy, business analysis and organizational change management services to its clients.

What have we been doing since 1999?

  • Technology Partnerz has carried out or participated in 100+ client projects around the world, including 15 SAP and Oracle implementations and dozens of spot engagements.

  • Developed and delivered training for hundreds of business analysts and managers on : Risk Analysis and Simulation, Project Risk Analysis, Retail Management Best Practices, Software Specification Development, Change Management, Risk Management, Bid Management, etc.

  • Technology Partnerz is trusted advisor to many of its vendors’ software development teams (such as Oracle, Palisade, Frontline Systems, etc.); contributing features, quality assurance feedback and relaying customer issues in the goal of making the state of analytics software better for the user.

  • Technology Partnerz is an international reseller and trusted partner for over 15 specialized analytics vendors spanning simulation, optimization, data analysis and forecasting. Through our online portal, we support organizations in procuring and maintaining their licenses.