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What We Do


Model Building

Translate your data, ideas and decisions into comprehensive visual and mathematical models that are easy to understand and audit i.e Financial models, project cost estimates/schedules, portfolios, economic models...


Analyze data to derive sound time-series forecasts to see if your strategy or design will withstand growing uncertainty over time and continue to deliver successful results.


Run thousands of scenarios to understand what factors are most important for making a decision and the odds you get it right. This is how models are made sound and bullet proof.


Optimization under uncertainty allows you to find ideal combinations that will outperform other solutions i.e. Staffing, supply chain, logistics, project portfolios (and many more).

How We Do It?

At Technology Partnerz - We are always listening. Let us know how we can ensure your project is a success.


When failure is not an option!

Trusted by 100's of small and fortune 500 firms, we provide both on-line help and problem solving to your business team, when you need it. On-site or online meetings, we can provide both business/software consulting  to solve problems quickly and cost-effectively.


1-on-1 and on-site training

Using our proven approach, our remote and one-on-one solutions are centered on both transferring skills and best practices while solving a pressing business need. Our workshops last 16hrs and remote sessions are delivered in 2 hour sessions at your convenience.


Get help picking the right tools

Technology Partnerz is a reseller of over 15 specialized analytics, simulation and forecasting vendors.  Our experts are there to advise on the best tools to solve your business problem . We also provide corporate procurement services and the ability to generate quotes online.