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Our professional analytics consultants provide on-line help as well as ad-hoc support and problem solving to your business team when you need it. Through application sharing and conference calls, we can provide both business/software consulting and training to solve problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Remote consulting packages for problem solving and end-user training are available in 1 to 100 hour blocks and can be purchased on-line. Essentially we outline the need or the problem to be solved and work out a coaching program that can include a mix of R&D/Custom VBA, End-user training, consulting and coaching.

When working remote, we use web conferencing and application sharing to further enhance the learning, exchange and knowledge transfer processes.

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Remote Consulting Services

  • Outsourced Simulations and risk analysis of business problems. We create reports detailing the results, customized to your requirements, with ease of presentation to management as a priority.
  • Remote coaching and support for model building, simulation and problem solving
  • Application Development
  • Audits and model reviews to ensure accuracy as well as find errors, inaccuracies and missed opportunities
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis of complex business problems (Project Management Risk, Operational Risk, Information Security Risk)

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