@RISK & DecisionTools Suite For Excel

Technology Partnerz is a trusted partner for developping, implementing and getting value from the the DecisionTools Suite - a complete risk analysis for Excel that includes decision tree analysis and advanced statistical tools.



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Simple Model with with Palisade @RISK

Distribution Fitting with Palisade @RISK

Correlating Distributions with with Palisade @RISK

Multi-Dimensional Project Portfolio Optimization with Palisade @RISK

Selected Videos on @RISK by Palisade

Modeling Distributions

Modeling Scenarios

RiskOptimizer's Solving Methods

Decision Trees (part of the Decision Tools Suite)

Time Series Forecasting

Risk Analysis & @RISK  White Papers

Please find a collection of useful and important whitepapers on various topics surrounding risk analysis. You can download the complete list of white papers and @RISK software in our Downloads Section