Risk training for 1 to 3 learners

Technology Partnerz offers both on-site and 1-on-1 remote trainings. For 1 to 3 people, our remote training are an ideal and cost effective solution delivered in 8 sessions of 2hrs (total of 16hrs of training). For each additional participant, we add another 8 hours for discussions and exercises. Therefore 24hrs for 2 people and 32hrs for 3. With any time left over, we work on specific models from the participants and learning exercises.

Sessions can be customized to meet with your specific training requirements, including special data and models. When working remote, we use web conferencing and application sharing to further enhance the learning, exchange and knowledge transfer processes. Just call and book the times that work best in your schedule.


More than 3 people who want to learn?

Any time a classroom size is more than 3, we recommend doing a 2 day onsite classroom training, where you can have up to 12 people at no extra charge and have your trainer on-site to answer questions.

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