Analytics Strategy that focuses on alignment and execution

When you want to win, you need to get your ducks in a row. Technology Partnerz assists large and small organization identify low lying fruit opportunities to get the ball rolling while focusing on a long-term strategy to capitalize on the benefits of better analytics.

Our unique approach focuses on aligning all the resources and stakeholders towards key business objectives, while allowing for long-term improvement in strategies and outcomes.

Organizational alignment on specific business objectives is driven by a focus on 3 core areas and 10 key success factors. Technology Partnerz works with executives to design business specifications, define technology and data requirements, design/support a change management roll-out and measure benefits.

Strategy implementation services

Business Analysis

We identify opportunities and develop analytics and risk analysis solution specifications/architecture, processes and implementation plans.

Change Management 

We drive analytics change through advanced organizational change management services to ensure that predictive analytics and best practices are firmly entrenched in the business culture.

Solution / Technology Selection

We provides objective and impartial support and methodologies to select the right analytics solution for your organization.

Software Procurement Services

Through our relationships with key analytics vendors we are able to sell directly or facilitate the software procurement process. Technology Partnerz has a dedicated online store designed with corporate buyers and individuals in mind.

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