Our Partnerz

Eric Torkia MASc

Eric founded Technology Partnerz with his colleague Sam Torkia in 1999. Currently, Eric serves as the Executive Partner, leading projects for organizations spanning multiple industries and sectors, most notably – Professional Services, Manufacturing / Distribution / Retail and Public Sector organizations. He has practical experience as a consultant and as a coach with organizations implementing technological and strategic change such as: ERP Systems, Predictive Analytics Modeling, Project Risk Analysis and Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) best practices.

Sam Torkia

Sam co-founded Technology Partnerz in 1999, contributing to the development of the firm's unique and robust approach. As Executive Partner, Sam has used his project management, coaching and consulting expertise in the areas of business transformation, change management, and business processes to contribute to the successful development, implementation and adoption of innovative and effective strategies and programs. Currently Sam serves as VP of business operations, overseeing Technology Partnerz' day to day operations and finances.

Robert D. Brown III

Robert D. Brown III recently joined the ranks of Technology Partnerz as senior partner, leading our advanced decision science and analytics practice. He is an internationally recognized author and consultant specialized in the art of decision science. Rob's main drive is to help his clients measure the value and the risk associated with the important decisions they face in order to make informed trade-offs and choices. If you don't believe it check out Rob's most recent publication is Business Case Analysis with R through Springer-Nature-Apress.

Technology + Analytics Advisory Board

Technology Partnerz regularly consults its board members to ensure we are focused on the right technologies and solutions.

Dr. Sam Savage

Professor of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University, CA USA and Director of the ProbabilityManagement.org

Eric Wainwright

Co-Founder of Decisioneering and original developper of Oracle Crystal Ball.

Michael Albo

Managing Director of the Data Science Institute