What We Do


Model Building

Translate your data, ideas and decisions into comprehensive visual and mathematical models that are easy to understand and audit i.e Financial models, project cost estimates/schedules, portfolios, economic models...


Analyze data to derive sound time-series forecasts to see if your strategy or design will withstand growing uncertainty over time and continue to deliver successful results.


Run thousands of scenarios to understand what factors are most important for making a decision and the odds you get it right. This is how models are made sound and bullet proof.


Optimization under uncertainty allows you to find ideal combinations that will outperform other solutions i.e. Staffing, supply chain, logistics, project portfolios (and many more).

Modeling and Risk Analysis Expertise

Our expertise lies in business analysis & risk modeling, which consists of translating mental models into a mathematical ones. We work with you to incorporate simulation, stochastic forecasting and optimization into your business and science decisions.

  • Discounted Cashflows and Long Term Asset Performance Forecasts
  • Econometric and Market Models
  • Financial Modeling, including portfolio optimization
  • Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization
  • Time-Series Forecasting
  • Project Risk Analysis (Cost and Schedule)
  • Project Portfolio Optimization
  • SIPMath and Model Integration
  • Risk Based Dashboards

Application Development & Automation

We design custom applications for both advanced and novice users using your solution of choice.

  • Design, customize and build analytics, algorithms and simulation models
  • Business analysis and development to streamlining data collection, processing and report building - Including Risk Based Digital Dashboards!
  • Integration of probability calculations and simulation routines using the tool of your choice, including R, Python, Oracle Crystal Ball, Palisade @RISK, Frontline Solver, Vose ModelRisk
  • Integration with external data sources such as MS Access, MS SQL, ODBC, OLAP to live up - date your analysis. We can integrate into over 35 applications in the cloud or on premises



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