Develop your team's critical risk and decision analysis skills

Technology Partnerz is a recognized provider of Quantitative Risk training in the areas of Financial + Operational Risk analysis as well as Project Cost and Schedule Risk. Our trainings are developped with real people in mind, focusing on :

  • Portable Risk Analysis skills that can be used on any software tool or platform - including Palisade @RISK, Oracle Crystal Ball, PowerBI...
  • Demystefying the mathematics of simulation and risk
  • Understanding and effectively communicating core statistics to decision makers
  • Building better and more effecient models using industry standard tools
  • Reducing time to answer and the ability to assign probabilities of success to projects and strategies

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Training Solutions:

Business analytics are both a set of competencies and a way of seeing the world. We work with you to develop both through our onsite and remote training services.

On-site risk analysis training provides tangible skills and the opportunity for group interactions and problem solving

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Live One-on-One training for the busy executive or analysts that needs to learn new skills but is time constrained.

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Project Quick-Starts enable teams to learn analytics by using a current business issue as their learning platform and case examples.

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Technologies that are covered in our risk workshops

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