Learn about Monte-Carlo Simulation using Oracle Crystal Ball

Discover all the exciting and powerful tools and theory that make Crystal Ball a leading tool in the field of simulation and analytics. Below is a collection of white papers and feature overviews that will give you insight into how analytics can improve performance and decision making at all levels of the organization - Strategy, Tactics & Operational Excellence


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Crystal Ball Past, Present & Future

Crystal Ball was originally introduced in 1986 by Decisioneering Inc. to integrate Monte Carlo techniques into spreadsheets and systems to more accurately forecast risk and variance. Oracle Crystal Ball Software1998 - Decisioneering introduced Crystal Ball Professional Edition, the first desktop software suite to combine the technologies of Monte Carlo simulation and global optimization. Crystal Ball Pro was hailed as a breakthrough product and received several awards and nominations.

June 2004 - Decisioneering launched Crystal Ball Premium Edition, combining time-series forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation, optimization and real options analysis.  March 2007 - Decisioneering was acquired by Hyperion to add predictive capabilities to its business intelligence suite that uses Microsoft Excel as its primary interface.  July 2007 -  Oracle Corporation acquired Hyperion including Decisioneering, in order to offer a best-of-breed business intelligence product family that will work with heterogeneous information from both Oracle and non-Oracle sources.

June 2008 - Oracle Crystal Ball EPM edition is launched. This edition is fully integrated with Hyperion Strategic Finance, Planning, Essbase and Oracle BIEE through the Oracle SmartView Add-In in Excel.

April 2010- Oracle introduces versions 11.1.2 that incorporates a host of new features including forecasting integration with Oracle EssBase.

January 2011 - Oracle Crystal Ball  is released which gives users 64bit power along with better integration with EPM.

May 2012 -Oracle Crystal Ball  is released, providing better forecating speed and enhanced data modeling and fitting capabilities.