Learn about Monte-Carlo Simulation using Oracle Crystal Ball

Discover all the exciting and powerful tools and theory that make Crystal Ball a leading tool in the field of simulation and analytics. Below is a collection of white papers and feature overviews that will give you insight into how analytics can improve performance and decision making at all levels of the organization - Strategy, Tactics & Operational Excellence


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Analytics Training and ConsultingAn overview of Technology Partnerz complete array of consulting solutions for Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver, ModelRisk....Download
Crystal Ball EPM SkillsWorkshop on modeling and implementing Oracle
Crystal Ball EPM Solutions
Finance & Risk Analysis SkillsThis workshop focuses on incorporating and analyzing
risk in financial modelssuch as DuPont,
Black-Scholes, Discounted Cash-Flows...
Professional Analytics SkillsLearn Monte Carlo simulation and Optimization. Build
accurate predictive models in 3 key areas: Finance,
Operation and Project Management
Project Planning
& Estimating Skills
Incorporate cutting edge simulation and optimization
techniques into your project plans and portfolios.
Quality & Engineering SkillsLearn and apply simulation and optimization
techniquesused in quality, design and production
engineering projects.