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Technology Partnerz has put together a dynamic portfolio of partners and alliances to deliver innovative, effective and robust solutions that improve overall performance and business capability for its clients.  Each partner is selected based on the cutting edge and innovative nature of their products/services as well as their ability to add value to our customers.

We are services partners for each one of the firms listed below:

Better decisions make for a better top and bottom lines. Technology Partnerz has joined up with Oracle Corp, the makers of Crystal Ball Software, to support our clients in achieving superior business performance through better modeling and decision making that is within the reach of most rather than the few.
Palisade's @Risk
Palisade Corporation is the maker of the market leading risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite. Virtually all Palisade software adds in to Microsoft Excel, ensuring flexibility, ease-of-use, and broad appeal across a wide range of industry sectors. Its flagship product, @RISK, debuted in 1987 and performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. With an estimated 150,000 users, Palisade software can be found in more than 100 countries and has been translated into five languages.
Vose Software is a recognized leader in quantitative risk analysis software, and provides clients with tools developed from a practitioner’s perspective of solving real-world risk analysis problems. Packages include ModelAssist for Crystal Ball and ModelRisk for Finance and Insurance.
OutsideSoft is a specialized Project Management Solutions firm who develops value-added software solutions to support organizations in managing their projects more efficiently. Technology Partnerz and Outsidesoft jointly offer a complete business solution that includes everything from needs assessments, skills and competency training, software configuration and integration, and support.
Real Options Valuations

Real Options Valuation, Inc. is a software solutions firm specializing in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques such as Real Options Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Forecasting, Optimization, Statistics and Risk Modeling. Forecast the future, analyze projects at risk; identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk.

Frontline Systems is the worldwide leader in spreadsheet optimization.  Frontline developed the Solvers/Optimizers in Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro Pro.  Over 500 million copies of Frontline's Solvers have been distributed to users, in every copy of Microsoft Office sold since 1990.  Today, Frontline Systems is also the worldwide leader in the emerging fields of convex and conic optimization, global optimization, and simulation optimization.  To learn more about Frontline Systems' technology platform