How we help our family of clients engage in Digital Transformation

Decision + Data Science

We help our clients assign probabilities of success to their desired outcomes as well as assist + accelerate their active aquisition of expertise in modeling, risk analysis and data science.

Business Analysis + Analytics Architecture

We identify opportunities within the organization and develop analytics and risk analysis solution specifications/architecture, processes and implementation plans.

Organizational Change Management 

We drive analytics transformation through advanced organizational change management services aquired over 20 years and 20 major technology implementations to ensure that predictive analytics and best practices are firmly entrenched in the business culture.

Solution / Technology Selection

We provides objective and impartial support and methodologies to select the right analytics solution for your organization.

Software Procurement Services

Through our relationships with key analytics vendors we are able to sell directly or facilitate the software procurement process. Technology Partnerz has a dedicated online store designed with corporate buyers and individuals in mind.

Development Platforms include...

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When failure is not an option!

Trusted by 100's of small and fortune 500 firms, we provide both on-line help and problem solving to your business team, when you need it. On-site or online meetings, we can provide both business/software consulting to solve problems quickly and cost-effectively.


1-on-1 and on-site training

Using our proven approach, our remote and one-on-one solutions are centered on both transferring skills and best practices while solving a pressing business need. Our workshops last 16hrs and remote sessions are delivered in 2 hour sessions at your convenience.


Get help picking the right tools

Technology Partnerz is a reseller of over 15 specialized analytics, simulation and forecasting vendors. Our experts are there to advise on the best tools to solve your business problem . We also provide corporate procurement services and the ability to generate quotes online.

Analytics News + Research

Introduction to Tolerance Analysis (Part 1 / 13) Introduction to Tolerance Analysis (Part 1 / 13)

Introduction to Tolerance Analysis (Part 1 / 13)

Tolerance Analysis is the set of activities, the up-front design planning and coordination between many parties (suppliers & customers), that...